Snatch IT Android App (Frequently Asked Questions)

Questions Content:
  1. How to use Snatch IT
  2. How to use YouTube Downloader
  3. How to Download YouTube video in HD
  4. How to use WhatsApp Status saver
  5. How to Enable Dark Mode
  6. About WhatsApp file cleaner

How to use Youtube Downloader (Video and Music mp3)

To download All YouTube videos and all kinds of music Simply Paste your youtube video URL <-
Click on DOWNLOAD MP3 for music/songs our app will automatically extract music from that video.
To View, you downloaded items simply click on MY DOWNLOADS.
  • How to Download video in HD
To download videos in HD you must watch an ad. This feature is FREE but to enable DOWNLOAD IN HD you have to watch Video Ad!! By just watching VideoAd you can download a video in full HD.

How to use WhatsApp Status Saver

Check/view desired status/ story in your WhatsApp app
then Come back to Snatch IT app and then your all viewed status will be shown here
Click on any Image or Video to view
Click the save on button.
the image/video is now instantly saved to your Gallery.
  • Use Snatch IT app for saving All WhatsApp Status
You can also use multiple saving features.
hold on any status to activate multi selection mode, select all the statuses you want to save and then click on save icon in the toolbar.
  • Switch Personal to WhatsApp Bussines Account
Simply open Snatch IT and,
Then from WhatsApp personal account Click on three dots and expand the view
now Click on Whatsapp business and Now you are ready to download statuses from your WhatsApp business account.

How to Enable Dark Mode

To Enable Dark theme throughout the app just open the Snatch IT app Go to Settings inside General you will see Enable dark mode simply turn ON it.
Dark mode helps to optimize your mobile battery and dark mode is better for eyes especially when using an app during the night or in a dark environment.

[Additional] Get Free WhatsApp Hidden files Cleaner

Files cleaners help to clean and manage all Hidden pictures, videos, gifs, audio, documents files and etc.