There are many online Advertisers paying a good amount of money and serving High quality of ads and One of those is AdSense and AdMob both are the product of Google which Serves Personalized, Contextual, Placement, and more targeting types Ads to the users.

AdSense, AdMob Earnings Proof Pay Per Click (CPC)

AdSense is basically is an Ad network through which publisher can serve Ads on there Websites or Blog which have user-friendly content, So Adsense mainly focused on site based Advertisement through which publisher can earn good money, AdSense works on CPC cost per click
AdMob is basically is an Advertisement network through which publishers can serve Ads on their mobile Application, Admob terms as "advertising on mobile". AdMob works on CPM (cost per 1000* impression)
As per me and my friends experience we both work together, use AdSense and AdMob for our website and mobile Apps and after 1 year of completion, we got a report which compares Adsense earnings and AdMob earnings. We have used Text, Video, Rich media, Image, Animated image types of Ad provided by Adsense, Admob and Rich media gives high earnings than other but Text Ad gets more clicks and helps to maintain CTR of account.
We are getting 70 to 80% traffic from second-tier countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal... traffic quality matters a lot and traffic coming from countries

Highlighting AdSense Network Earnings proof

Showing website earning proof (Adsense report)
AdSense Earning proof
AdSense for Content
The Adsense Report showing 61 clicks and the Average Cpc is $0.03 that means we are getting $0.03 per click through website Ads using Adsense network

Highlighting AdMob Network Earnings proof

Showing website earning proof (Admob report)
AdMob earnings proof
AdMob mobile advertising
The Admob Report showing 38 clicks and the Average Cpc is $0.01 that means we are getting $0.01 per click through Mobile apps ads using Admob network
Final Comparing Adsense and Admob earnings
No doubt Adsense and Admob both are the largest and trusted online advertisement network managed by Google but when it comes in term of earning everyone searches for which advertising network let publisher to earns more Adsense or Admob. Adsense approved website which has a tone of quality pages or content with good traffic can easily make 2 to 3 times more than a mobile application which uses Admob Ads
On other hand, it is easy to make money through Admob because both Adsense and Admob only pay a publisher for CLICKs by the user. And mobile application definitely gets high CTR and clicks on Ads than a Website and it's difficult to get an Adsense Approved for serve Ads on website or blog.