Top 10 android studio mostly asked questions.

This post consist of the following questions related to Android Studio:
  1. Facing slow android studio and Solution to increase it
  2. Error R: Cannot resolve symbol R
  3. Version Code and Version Name
  4. Difference between Px, Dip, Dp, and Sp
  5. What is 'Context' on Android
  6. What is Gradle in Android Studio
  7. Apk vs App bundle
  8. How to open Avd in the android studio (Windows/Mac)
  9. SDK manager?
  10. Target SDK version and compile SDK version
1) Facing slow Andriod Studio Emulator Speed? Increase the Android Emulator loading Speed Solution.
Enabling the Quick Boot option in Android Emulator (Android Studio). This will enhance the emulator state, and it will start the emulator quickly on the next boot.

Press on Emulator inside that then edit button, then Show Advanced Setting. Then finally enable Quick Boot option.

2) Error R: "Cannot resolve symbol R" in Android Studio. (most trending)

There will be many reasons behind this Error Try most effective Ways given below to solve this "R" Error:
Click at Build -- Rebuild Project and next click on Tools -- Android -- Sync Project with Gradle Files.
Correct and Check your AndroidManifest.xml the package name. That can fix the problem.
Just Update Android Studio. Can Resolve problem!
Check for the errors/issue in XML files. Once you fix the XML errors, do a clean/build, it will fix the error.

3) Version code and Version name in Android Studio.

  • Version code: In lame and easy language. An integer value that denotes the version of the application code.
  • Version name: In lame and simple language. A string value that describes the "friendly" version name displayed to the users.
4) What is the difference between Px, Dip, Dp, and Sp in the Android studio?
  • Px Pixels - point per scale matches to real pixels on the screen.
  • Sp - Scale-independent Pixels font size preference.
  • Dip = Dp. Previously Android versions dip was used and later changed to Dp. Dp stands for density-independent pixels.
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5) What is 'Context' on Android?
A Context describes your setting. The context of the contemporary state of the application. It lets recently created objects Acknowledge. It provides services like resolving resources, decisions and securing access to databases.

6) What is Gradle in Android Studio?
Gradle is a tool used to build android packages(apk) by maintaining dependencies and giving system build logic.

7) Apk vs App bundle in Android studio

App bundle - android studio
Android App bundle(.aab) App bundle is a publishing format it can't be directly installed on a device. It also contains some metadata files that will not be present in the final apk. It will also enable the dynamic feature to be included in the app for specific devices using on-demand installation.
Apk - android studio
APK (Android application Package) is the packaging format which eventually will be installed on a device. To make an APK file, a program for Android is first compiled, and then all of its parts are packaged into one container file.

8) How to open AVD manager in Android studio?
Two ways to access AVD manager (In Windows):
In Android Studio: Select Window -- AndroidVirtual Device Manager, or click the AVD Manager icon in the toolbar.

In Android Studio: Select Tools -- Android -- AVD Manager, or click the AVD Manager icon in the toolbar.

In Mac - To open the AVD Manager, do one thing: Select Tools -- AVD Manager. Click Manager in the toolbar.

9) What is the SDK manager in Android Studio?
The SDK manager is a command line tool that lets you view, install, update, and uninstall packages. After installing Android studio it is easy to keep the Android Studio IDE and Android SDK tools up to date with automatic updates and the Android SDK.

10) Target SDK version and Compile SDK version.
TargetSdkVersion is the main way Android provides forward compatibility by not applying behavior modifications unless the targetSdkVersion is updated. This allows you to use new APIs previous to working through the behavior changes.

CompileSdkVersion is your way to tell Gradle what version of the Android SDK to compile your app with. New Android SDK required to use any of the new APIs added in that level.

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